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One of the most important pieces of jewelry you will buy your future wife is her engagement ring. An engagement ring is a personal gift that shows her how much you appreciate her, how much you love her and that you want to spend the rest of your life with her. Also, the ring should emanate her unique beauty and personality.
For many men, the task of finding the perfect engagement ring may seem overwhelming. Fortunately, we have been selling engagement rings for many years and know how to help you find the perfect one for your perfect someone. Our professionals ask you questions about your future wife, her tastes, favorites and other topics. Also, we consider what you want since this ring is a symbol of your unique love.

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We have a wide variety of engagement rings ranging from simple to lavish. If your special lady prefers simplicity, we have many beautiful solitaires. For the woman who loves retro elegance, we have plenty of styles that are inspired by designs from past decades. If your special woman likes a lot of sparkle, we have dazzling rings with diamond bands and large center stones and ample accent diamonds.
Our halo diamonds are popular for engagement purchases. They include a large center stone encircled by smaller diamonds. The glowing halo effect is nothing short of amazing and is sure to impress any woman. We also have a variety of colored diamond rings. Many buyers like our fancy yellow diamond rings for their luxurious look.

engagement rings at Hampshire Mall

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Let Hannoush Jewelers help you take the stress out of engagement ring shopping. We can help you figure out her size, metal preference and diamond preference without spoiling the big surprise. If you live in or near Hadley, come visit us at the Hampshire Mall.

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