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Located in Northampton, Massachusetts, Hannoush Jewelers has built a trusted name in the northeastern United States for nearly four decades by offering the finest jewelry on the market. In addition to our selection of exquisite diamonds and precious stones, we carry a range of engagement rings in a variety of sizes and settings, including fancy yellow diamond engagement rings. Let our staff of expert jewelers help you pick the perfect piece for your magical moment.

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Thinking about getting on one knee and popping the question is already enough excitement for the nerves to handle. When you visit our showroom, our jewelers do their best to ensure picking the perfect engagement ring helps ease those intense feelings. From the setting to the stone, we'll gather information and help you decide on an engagement ring that expresses your undying commitment for your best friend, your lover and your partner for life.

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Jewelers use a diamond color scale that ranges from D to Z to measure white diamonds. The closer to Z, the less colorless the diamond and it begins to become yellowish in tone - a pale shade of yellow. Prices also decrease with these degraded diamonds.
There is on rare occasions when a diamond becomes a deeper yellow; its measurement on the diamond color scale would be past Z. At this point, the price of the diamonds increase and the result is what's called a yellow diamond.
For information about picking a yellow diamond engagement ring, speak with one of our jewelers today.

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We also carry a wide selection of wedding bands and can create a custom piece of bridal jewelry. Inquire within for more information about our other jewelry services.
To browse our assortment of engagement rings, wedding bands and our fine jewelry, visit our showroom at 227 Main Street. We look forward to helping you select a stone that you'll both cherish together forever.

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